Links to Tutorials for the HCI & IV Course

There is a range of resources and documents available that provide the building blocks and/or instructions to make interactive visualizations.
Please take note of these resources and use them to build your prototypes. For some of these tools the assistants can provide additional help.

Tutorial documents and manuals

Tutorial Description Link
D3 Resources

The (un)official repository with lots of material on D3; good examples and code on Interactive (web) documents.

D3 Tutorial

The D3 URL with explanations on D3.js in interactive (web) documents.

Unity Tutorial

A set of examples and tutorials by Ray Wenderlich, strong focus on the design of Games.

Unity Resource

A URL with tutorials and examples on Unity provided by the Company.

HCI & IV Course Quiz

The HCI quiz takes you through the whole process of development as it is applied in this course.
As an example a number of previous projects have been taken and all the documents that come with that particular project
Pick a project and enjoy the quiz.

Wireframe Sketcher

For the construction of paper prototypes, a wireframe tool is indispensable.
The WireFrameSketcher is helpfull for those interested in producing wireframe models.

FLASH course

For those interested in working with Flex/Flash, we have compiled a "101" in Flash.

FLASH Tutorial

A document with relevant instructions to produce Flash presentations.