Final presentations


The final presentations of your project will take place January 10th 2022 and January 14th 2022 at Snellius, in rooms as indicated in the schedule. At the presentation you will explain and demonstrate your prototype and this will be discussed with a representation of the course administration as well as students interested (all are welcome). The only thing you will have to prepare is a demonstration and what you have written in the paper. The format of the presentation is interactive and the total time for the presentation of a team is (maximal) 20 minutes; this includes the discussion of your paper by the course administration. If you have questions regarding this outline please contact your assistant.

Further instructions are provided in the document on the final presentations, which can be found in the document below (version 0.0):


The proceedings are the collection of papers as presented by the students in the past courses. Here the proceedings are organized per year; In the demonstration website there are additional links to material that has been developed in the course and that we consider a good illustration of the results that have been obtained in the practical part of this course.