Practical information

Each team presents their project and plans once in the presentation part of the course. The presentation sessions of the course start at November 6th and end at December 4th. The presentations are scheduled at the regular lecture hours:Monday 11.00-13.00 and
Thursday 11.00-13.00.
The project presentations will take place in room 413 of the Snellius building. For the presentations a large LCD display will be used, with HDMI, DVI and VGA connections. In addition, a traditional projector is available and can be used (VGA).

All teams have to participate in 3 of the presentation sessions, including their own presentation. For each of the presentations there will be an audience of about 24-28 students. Active participation of the participants is aimed for.
For the presentation sessions a schedule has been composed to which the teams/students should strictly adhere.This schedule can be found in the table below.

The Final Presentations, demonstrating the prototype will take place between January 8th 2017 until January 11th 2017. The final presentations are organized as a conference and thematically grouped in sessions of one hour. Each team participates at least in their own session. One can, however, participate in as many sessions as one likes. When the schedule becomes available, it can be found in the table below.

Presentation schedule

Schedule Description Document
Schedule Project Presentations

The presentation schedule for the period Nov 6th -Nov 27th.
Please follow instructions in the attached document (vs. 9-11-17)

PDF icon HCI2017-Nov2017.pdf
Project presentation template

The instructions the project presentations are given within a powerpoint file in which the global structure of the presentation is presented. Detailed instructions of each item are given in the "notes" section of the template. Fill in each paragraph of the presentation accordingly. Your presentation should not exceed the time-limit of 15 minutes.Questions? please contact the course administration.

Office presentation icon ProjectPresenation2014-Template.ppt
Final presentation schedule

This is the concept schedule for the final presentations; locations are subject to change, time-slots for teams are fixed.
All final presentation are scheduled on 9&10 January 2018. Possible updates of the schedule will be indicated.
Current version 1.4 (2-1-2018)

PDF icon HCI2017-FinalPresentations.pdf