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Final marks are available - will be passed to uSis, also for perusal at notice board next to room 105

Results of the written exam of 03-01-2018 are available (notice board next to room 105)

Updated schedule for Final Presentations is uploaded (vs 1.4).

Updated schedule for Final Presentations is uploaded.

Schedule for Final Presentations in January is uploaded.

Schedule presentations November published, see Presentations Tag.

Lecture notes on Final Paper & Presentations, available

Lecture notes, Lecture 13, available

Lecture notes, Lecture 12, available

Lecture notes, Lecture 11, available

Lecture notes, Lecture 10, available
New deadline Project Plan: 16-10-2017, 18.00 hrs

Lecture notes, Lecture 09, available
Please check out the "trial exam" for the exam of october 30th

Please submit your concept summary asap to Blackboard.
Deadline is 2017-10-06, noon.

Lecture notes, Lecture 08, available

Lecture notes, Lecture 07, available

Assignment for the HCI & IV 2017 course is available on this website.
Please check the "assignment-tab".

Enroll in the BlackBoard Course: Human Computer Interaction 2017-2018.
Thursday September 28th 2017, Matching event for the teams!!!

Lecture notes, Lecture 06, available

Check your subscription in the list provided at the Lecture.
Thursday September 28th 2017, Matching event for the teams!!!

Lecture notes, Lecture 05, available.

Lecture notes, Lecture 04, available.

Lecture notes, Lecture 03, available.

Lecture notes, Lecture 02, available.

Do not forget to register in uSis

Lecture room 1531 at Sylvius is on the 1st floor.
Stairs, to the 1st floor, to the right.
In the hallway, on the left-side you will find the entrance.

Notes on course structure available
Lecture notes, Lecture 01, available.

For subscription in uSis use code: 9183
Please do this ASAP.

First Lecture HCI 2017:
04-09-2017, 11.00-12.45
Huygens building room 106-109.

(see also lecture schedule)

The tentative schedule for the lectures is published on this website (Lectures Section).